About Me

Wow, not just did you go on my page, you even clicked the “about me” part. Thanks for that and hopefully you will not regret. I suppose you know me a bit already so I leave age and so on away and rather give you some more details you may where looking for:

  • born in east Germany –> makes me appreciate freedom even more
  • parents divorced, raised by my mother & sister alone –> made me understand woman and unable´d me to repair cars but most of all it made the the person I am, happy, optimistic and life enjoying, thanks mom and sister
  • exchange year 92/93 in the USA –> changed everything
  • army (paratrooper) 95 –> taught me the limits of my body and what team spirit can do and not do
  • Marlboro Adventure team 97 –> begin of being an adrenalin junky but also the real start of loving brands
  • 1 year UK as a student –> finally everybody could see that I can party hard without drug or alcohol
  • language school and internship in south america –> no comment
  • Bahlsen –> Müllermilch –> McCain –> brand love and passion, great people, even greater learnings and expierences but upmost enabling me to do what I do now, traveling.
  • Angi –> those who know her also know what she means to me. For those who don´t know her, words can not describe and I will not try to do so. Meet her.

Now, how to summarize my life or what I believe in –> Luck is, when preparation meets opportunity.

Finally, if you wonder why I do this world trip, follow this blog and you will find out with me. I am looking for answers on questions I do not have. Enjoy.