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“aaahhhh, is there a western toilet??????”

“aaahhhh, is there a western toilet??????”

Of course, every day I experience many things which are rather strange. Following 5 little stories which hopefully come across as fun as I experienced them. My first entry into this category.

Güri is a girl from India and she can not deny it. She looks Indian. Now, knowing India, you know that their measures of hygiene in toilets, which are just a whole in the ground, are not really what we consider comfy. I am sitting in my bed in the hotel in Hama, the door opens rapidly and Güri stares at me, eyes wide open, mouth as well: “aaaahhhh, is there also a western toilet here??????? I had to laugh so hard.

Güri also made the second story just minutes later. We go out to eat. Yes, it gets a bit colder in the evenings meaning like 10 to 15 degrees coming form 25 during the day. I look at Güri, I look again, and again, she is wearing gloves!!!!!!!!!! (see the pictures with her sitting on the water wheel) Now, the grotesque part only starts. She was born, raised and lives in Norway. I mean Norway, the winter place as such. Anyways, that may explain her need for the western toilet………………

Third story belongs to a cat. I bought half a chicken wanting to eat it on my bed watching a movie. A short trip to the toilet ends this dream. Coming back a cat sits on my bed having ripped open the bag, taking out the bred eating eat with joy. I discarded everything starting over again walking to town to find food.

The 4th story is as short as it is cool Look at the pictures with workers. Any difference to workers in other parts of the world? No. Feeding the image just great.

The last one is without picture. Here in Aleppo is this great Sheraton. By far the biggest complex looking the nicest and so on. At the door they have metal detectors. Shaunt, who wants to show me the Turkish bath inside (he likes taken services pretending to be a rich guest) tells me before hand: “There will be a security guard, us walking through the detector will make strong bibs as we have metal on us. Nothing will happen, just walk through.” Guess what happened???? Exactly that. I love the feeling of safety………..

The 3 other pictures are simply explained. 1959 Benz with original engine. 20.000 Dollars if you want it. And one of these juice places that I love. The guy tells me his father lives in Germany and 1 minute later he gives me the phone with his das on the line from Marburg. So I talked to him for a minute. Finally a street both selling fresh liver and kidney. Nice.

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