“Uganda dance together”, Kampala, Feb 5th, 2011

During my time at the back packers in Kampala, and that was quiet long, I met Gerald or better he met me. Together with a friend one year ago he started a project called “Uganda Dance Together”. The idea is to take children from “disadvantaged” neighborhoods and teach them break dance.  That would not only give them something to do but also create team spirit and a dream for the future. They all want to go to festivals in Chicago and so on. Well, Gerald asked if I could take some pictures so they have material to advertise and promote themselves. Guess what I said???? Not only was it another great chance to look into real life Uganda and a scratchy part of Kampala but also a new challenge of photography. I believe a view good shoots came out, what do you think? Gerald liked them and when I helped him writing an invitation to politicians for their anniversary festival he was even more happy. I call that a perfect win win situation.

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