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“……..…..we have the time!”, Bali, December 31th, 2011

“……..…..we have the time!”, Bali, December 31th, 2011

Of course I wish all of you only the best for 2012 so let’s get right into what I would like to tell you for the year to come. The past year has been MY world trip year, it has gone far beyond my expectations underlying my ever believe of live is great. Besides total freedom a major part of it was to have time, to take time, not to worry about time. The Africans often told me: “You rich people have the watches, we have the time.” It is so true and I will put you to the test with my Bangkok shopping expierience. Are you able to watch the following video without switching windows, without getting away from the PC, without being on the phone or any other side traction? I bet you can’t, smile.

You might not have to take that kind of time to wrap a present but you should manage to take time in 2012 for the things you love. May it be your family, your friends, your hobbies, your books, your sport or your sleep. Whatever it is, enjoy it and realize how wonderful life is. Trust me, I have seen so many people, whole countries who wish to have a Euro crisis. “Your time is limited” (Steve Jobs), use it, make the most of it. Here is my year review……

….As you can see, I did follow my dream in 2011. For 2012 I wish you that you are as happy as I am………………. ……

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